Wired Wirelessly: Coffee Apps on the Go

Nov 22, 2010

Coffee addicts and snobs alike might find these coffee-centric apps energizing.

Coffee Roaster

For the advanced coffee preparer, use this app to record, store, and track data about all the different coffees you roast yourself.


Coffee Shop Finder

A no-frills app to find coffee shops (or restaurants that sell coffee) near you or near a location you input.


Coffee Finder

What it says on the tin–find all the Starbucks stores near you in a list or on a map. Unofficial, but it gets the job done.



Same as above, but for Canada’s favourite coffee chain.


Coffee Guide

Learn how to make all your favourite espresso drinks like a Cappuccino or a Breve.


Coffee Rush

What to do with all your artificial energy? Play Coffee Rush, an oddly addictive game that has you helping a bored office-worker run though his office building in search of coffee, avoiding the boss.


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