Widgets and launchers for the minimalist

Jan 17, 2011

Don’t all iPhone screens look the same with those those glassy, colorful buttons? Sometimes I like to keep things on my phone simple and sleek, so I load up the homescreen with text-based widgets. Some home launchers give me even more options for that modern, minimalist look.


The go-to text clock widget. Customize the background color, text color, and size to suit your design.


SiMi Clock Widget

Another text clock option, newer on the market also customizable for the look you want.


BattStatt Free

This widget matches Tajm beautifully and is equally customizable to show your battery life in numbers and/or percent remaining.



Use this home launcher to turn off the status bar since you’ve got the clock and battery info in the widgets above. While you’re at it, remove the titles from underneath your app icons… and then change the icons to a matching set…



But if you don’t want to mess with LauncherPro, check out the SlideScreen home launcher as a beautiful, single-screen home page with your Gmail, SMS, Twitter, Facebook and calendar all in one place.


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