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Sep 21, 2010

Visual thinkers unite! Most work-related software still favors verbal or text-based thinkers. So, it’s nice to find phone software that works better for right brainers, especially if you are one. Thinking Space for Android (Mindjet Maps) allows you to brainstorm or take notes visually and then literally “connect the dots” by drawing a line between concepts.

Traditionalists will find prose to help get started in the Settings menu. But Thinking Space also eats its own dog food by presenting a how-to guide using the tool itself. Once you figure out the basics of editing, you can be off to create your own diagrams with a couple of taps.

Create a new Mind Map, basically a blank canvas at first, and fill it with bubble-like “nodes,” which can be ideas, instructions, a lecture or whatever. You can edit the look and style of these nodes, arrange them in different ways, and then create subnodes to expand concepts or detail instructions.

MindManager Basics: Maps App for Android

Mind mapping and task management software from Mindjet: This video provides an overview of Mindjet for Android and how it can help you capture ideas and information from any Android device. Learn more about mind mapping apps for Android here:

I don’t claim to be a visual thinker, but I appreciate what Thinking Space is trying to do, and I could see using it to outline articles or short-story ideas I plan to write. It took me a few minutes to understand the editing gestures, but after that, Thinking Space felt easy to use.

Perhaps best of all, you can “cloudify” your Mind Maps up to the web to share with others or to access over other Android phones. If you want to free your mind, try mapping it with Thinking Space.

Mindjet Maps for Android
Developer: Mindjet
Price: Free
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