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Aug 10, 2010

Light Racer 3D is an arena battle game for Android phones. Anyone who has heard of TRON will know exactly what this game is all about.

The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players. This is done simply by driving your bike smartly. Each bike emits a trail that stays on the map indefinitely.

This trail, if run into, will destroy any bike that hits it. Set on a square map, the object is to get the enemy players to run into a trail and to avoid the trails while you’re doing it.

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The gameplay in Light Racer 3D is a very simple concept but it provides a ridiculous amount of fun. There are many options for play in Light Racer. The player can fight in a solo mode against computer players on three different difficulties, play through a speed trial, or create their own scenarios.

The only feature that seems to be missing in this game is the ability to play online against other players. This feature would add a lot of value to the game. Overall, for the price being asked with this app, it may be smart to pass. The game was fun for a while but it will get old pretty quick. Check it out if you like arcade racing battles though.

Light Racer 3D
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