VEVO brings music video premieres to your Android phone

Feb 1, 2011

Music videos have been around much longer than many of us have been alive and have played a key role in spreading good music. While videos are everywhere from television to the Internet, up until VEVO began offering a collection of the latest and greatest, it was a struggle to find the song on YouTube.

Well, now videos are a piece of cake to view with the new VEVO app for Android. The app brings videos of your most favorite songs to you wherever you are. It’s laid out in a way that really highlights the popular tracks of the current time but it can be used to find so much more.

I want my free VEVO app. Normally I only add music to my phone after I catch a new tune in spin class courtesy of the hip instructors at my gym. Now, I can keep up with hip music with VEVO’s video premieres.

This musical Android app brings all the hot, hot, hot videos straight to your phone including explicit versions like Enrique Iglesias’ Tonight. I love that there are quick links to buy music I admire on Amazon, but for some reason, Amazon will only let me add the item to my wish list, and not actually purchase it right from the mobile site, bummer.

A clever added touch is random music trivia that shows on the screen while your video briefly loads. There are some short commercials before the videos, but they aren’t enough to annoy me into not using the app. You can also quickly share videos you love via email, social networks, etc., with a quick tap of the “Share” option.

You can either watch the top 10 videos currently viewed, video premieres, newly released videos, or search by voice to find what you’re looking for in the more-than-25,000-music-video library that is the VEVO app. A list of popular artists makes it easy to peruse the latest musically inclined stars. Or check out the “Playlists” section for top playlists, video charts and celeb picks.

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The app is broken down into a few different sections giving users the ability to browse through videos by artist, playlist, or top charts. I never had a problem finding what I was looking for but I definitely had a problem watching them. Whether it was my Wi-Fi or the app itself, the videos would occasionally freeze or stutter, presumably switching quality on the fly. There are also frequent advertisements, but they never really got in the way. Overall, if you are looking for a source for music videos on your phone check this app out. It definitely provides a decent option.

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