Useful Android Apps for Learning Russian

Aug 20, 2011

I have a crush on a Russian guy so am learning some Russian to impress him. 🙂

Russian Keyboard

Basic Russian keyboard app. It has all the letters, works for basic use, and is intuitive. My Russian crush says it’s the best because it works intuitively for both soft and hard keyboards.


AG Russian Newspapers FREE

Access the major Russian newspapers for free!


Oxford Russian Dictionary

Once again – the best language dictionaries IMO comes from Oxford. This is the comprehensive English/Russian Dictionary, has the 290,000 words and phrases. It’s the best.


Talk Russian

If you just want to learn key phrases in Russian for an upcoming trip – this is the app for you. Good pronunciations, and easy to learn and use.


Russian Talking Alphabet

Start with the basics – this app teaches the order of the alphabet – how the letters look and sound, and the Russian keyboard layout. A great functional, useful primer on Cyrillic letters.


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