UPS Mobile delivers the goods

Sep 16, 2010

When UPS launched its web site there was much rejoicing. It’s difficult to remember how we lived without the ability to track packages we’ve sent or those heading our way. Get ready to do your happy dance once more, because UPS Mobile brings this functionality to your Android.

The look and feel of UPS Mobile is similar to Tabs across the top let you go from Track, Ship, Locations and Quote to Feedback. Track lets you follow the real-time movements of packages you sent or will be receiving. If you log in with a valid UPS account (which you must first create at, you can schedule a shipment in the Ship section. Locations will navigate you to UPS stores, boxes or UPS Customer Centers using your GPS location and Google Maps. Quote offers an estimate of shipping costs, based on the size and weight of your package. And, Feedback lets you tell UPS what’s on your mind.

UPS: Manage Your Shipments with the UPS Mobile App

With updated service expanding to 56 new countries and 23 new languages, the UPS Mobile app makes it even easier to manage your shipments anywhere in the world.

It’s easy and convenient, and now you can obsess about your packages the way you already do about your mobile email and text messages. Anything missing? Yes, offers the ability to pay bills, create address books, order supplies, and a bunch of other stuff. Do you need all those features on your phone? I don’t think so. It probably would make the app too complicated and therefore unusable.

As is, UPS Mobile delivers the goods. And, no I couldn’t resist the pun. If you use UPS, get this app.

UPS Mobile
Developer: UPS
Price: Free
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