Tweetdeck is official on Android, and other industry news

Oct 14, 2010

The Android Market continues to storm ahead, with a number of big brands showing their support for this mobile ecosystem. Tweetdeck has officially launched its Android app, which has been in beta for the past few weeks. The revised app offers a number of Twitter management tools, with support for attaching media to your tweets, accessing lists, and other very useful features like home screen widgets.

Tweetdeck is known for its Twitter desktop app, which was an early leader in the race for third-party management tools. Making the journey to mobile devices has been a long ride for Tweetdeck, but its presence in the Android Market adds validation to Google’s platform, rounding out the more robust options for Android users.

Premium Android security

Another quality app for Android is Lookout Mobile Security, which offers protection for your device and its content. With data backup and recovery, virus scans and remote wipe, Lookout is a great way to keep your information safe, and under lock and key. The company also announced an upcoming premium app, which will act as an extension to the free service. No details on upgrade options yet, but this still means Lookout is really gaining traction, and rising to demands.


As improved smartphones make way for better mobile browsing, we’re seeing a number of developments in this sector as well. Opera Mobile announced its goal to have an Android version available in the coming weeks, while Adobe’s Flash Player app has hit the one million-download mark.

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