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May 17, 2011

I have a long list of favorite TV shows and two degrees in film (one technically in “Cinema-Television”). Here’s my favorite TV Android apps.

TV Shows Stream

This app costs ~US$6.00 and allows you to stream full length TV show episodes to your phone from hundreds of sources. Easy UI, works great. Recommend.


Slingplayer for Phones

This app costs US$29.99 and lets you control your home TV and DVR via your phone, as well as watch the actual TV on your phone! You can play ANYTHING you can see on your TV over your phone. Forgot to TiVo something? Do it from afar! Recommend.


TV Guide

This free app has the TV Guide listings and also entertainment news from Nice searchable listings, easy UI. You can set favorites too. Recommend.


This free app lets you watch full episodes and videos from many of the networks. You can save favorites, and search for shows or networks.


Jetflicks! Unlimited TV

This app costs US$1.99 and then you have to pay a subscription fee on top of that. This gives you access to a mobile HD Video On-Demand service and you can stream TV shows to your Android phone. It has reviews, news, interactive user features, and access to a forum and tech support. The only drawback is the cost.


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