TuneIn Radio Android app scores a touchdown

Oct 25, 2010

My wife and I are unabashed (long-suffering?) Chicago Bears fans. We do our best to never miss an ugly win, or loss, by “Da Bears.” That’s why when a game is blacked out or we’re otherwise on the go during those magical football hours, we turn to our trusty Droid and the TuneIn Radio app to listen to the games, broadcast by stations like WBBM, WCFF and KBOB.

The interface makes it easy to find stations by numerous methods – call letters, content type, location, language, etc.

With more than 40,000 stations broadcasting sports, talk, news and music programming, you’re sure to find a source of interest. Thankfully, the sheer number of available content sources is tamed by the app’s clean, clear navigation and sorting buttons, so you’ll never feel overwhelmed.

Plus, the Podcast channel is your link to Internet-sourced content that’s presented by the types of music each ‘cast offers.

Once you start listening, the DVR-like controls to pause and rewind the stream come in handy. Especially when my wife wants to hear the commentator recount yet another Peppers sack, Urlacher stop, or Hester returning a kickoff for a touchdown. Go Bears!

TuneIn Radio - Radio & Music
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Tim McLain

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