Traffic Rider – Slalom Your Way Through Heavy Traffic at Warp Speed in the Best Android Game of 2016

Jan 2, 2017

Even if you have the reflexes of a MotoGP rider or a Formula 1 driver, and even if the vehicle you operate is a raging speed machine going from 0 to 100 faster than you could say slow down, adhering to traffic regulations and speed limits is still a must when roaming public roads – first and foremost for the safety of others, and secondly for your own safety. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, and there are certain situations in which unleashing all the bottled up road fury and going absolutely berserk is highly advised. These situations rarely come your way in real life, but are always within reach thanks to an amazing selection of racing games. In Traffic Rider, arguably the best game to hit Android devices in 2016, you hop on two-wheeled suicide machines to weave your way through heavy traffic by performing borderline kamikaze maneuvers, slowly but surely becoming the best daredevil biker the roads have ever seen.

Brought to you by the creators of Traffic Racer, another endless racer sensation that conquered the hearts of the racing game genre’s countless fans all over the world, Traffic Rider reaches excellence through simplicity reminiscent of yesteryear’s vintage racing game classics.

Nothing about Traffic Rider is flashy or in-your-face, but each and every detail, feature, and game mode is perfectly on point. The graphics are spectacularly detailed, the cars seem real and definitely have a menacing weight to them that you can feel as you speed by them, while the first person view adds another layer of intensity to an already adrenaline-fueled gameplay experience. Day and night modes and different weather conditions put the icing on the visuals cake, although sound effects are not lagging far behind, as all engine sounds were recorded from real bikes.

The intuitive controls are easy to master even for racing game rookies. By pressing the right-hand side of your Android device’s screen in the proximity of the displayed throttle, your bike will accelerate. Consequently, by pressing the left-hand side of the screen near the brake, your bike will slow down. To maneuver with your two-wheeled road monster and avoid ride-ending crashes, you have to tilt your Android device left or right at different angles at the right moment. Sounds easy, right? Well, in the early stages of Traffic Rider, it is easy, but as you progress along in career mode and the traffic gets heavier, your bike gets faster, and the missions get tougher, be prepared for time-consuming and somewhat nerve-wrecking challenges – which you’ll thoroughly enjoy, regardless of the pain they bring, and will keep pressing play again until you finally succeed.

Traffic Rider – Official Trailer

App Store Link: Google Play Link: Windows Phone Link: Another masterpiece from the creators of Traffic Racer. This time, you are behind the wheels of a motorbike in a much more detailed gaming experience, but also retaining the old school fun and simplicity.

Concerning game modes, the most noteworthy innovation that Traffic Racer brings to the table is the aforementioned career mode, something we haven’t come across in endless racing games up until now. To advance in career mode, you have to complete a variety of missions – more than 70 of them, to be exact, including distance challenges, time challenges, and overtaking challenges -, for which you’ll be rewarded with cash and gold coins. You can use the cash you earn to buy one of the 26 featured bikes, boost and customize the bikes you own, and pimp out your rides and outfit. As for gold coins, you can use them to continue missions after a crash or entirely skip missions. When you’re short on cash, you can always opt for endless rides and time trials to make some dough, though be aware that collecting the amount required for buying more expensive bikes is not going to be an overnight process.

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You can take the easy way out by making an in-app purchase to buy loads of cash and mountains of gold coins, but we know that hardcore gamers will gladly take on the challenge of conquering all the obstacles that Traffic Racer has up its sleeve without spending a dime. Whether you make an in-app purchase or not, one thing is for sure: Traffic Racer’s addictive gameplay and refreshingly challenging missions will get you hooked the moment you first hit the road.

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