Top Twitter apps for Android

Sep 10, 2010

Whether you’re following Justin Bieber or your favorite news pundits, Twitter can keep you in the know. Its popularity has led to countless updates from Twitter, and the rise of an entire subset of third-party apps to help you manage your account. Seeing as Twitter is such a mobile tool, there’s no shortage of Twitter apps in the Android market. Here are some of the best.

Just for Twitter

Twitter for Android might have been late to it’s own party, but we’re glad it finally showed up. Send tweets, view trends, access lists, and see your mentions. Retweets are easy with this app, as is updating your status. Free, Twitter’s official Android app isn’t as involved as other premium tools, but we’re sure to see a string of updates in the coming months.

Twitter: see what’s happening

On Twitter, see what’s happening in the world right now – from breaking news and entertainment, sports and politics, to big events and everyday interests.

Twidere is one of the best free Twitter apps for Android, with support for multiple accounts, access to lists and notifications for new mentions and direct messages. Twidere also serves as a media-sharing tool, with support for photo and video attachment tweets.

Touiteur (Plume for Twitter) has a French twist to its name, hinting at its stylish approach to mobile tweeting. A sleek client, Touiteur is effective on the small screen. You get URL-shortening, widgets, an in-app browser and integration with additional Twitter apps, along with various settings for customization.

Fenix for Twitter doesn’t boast the most features, but its simple and clean interface has most things you need for mobile tweeting. Share photos and videos, receive updates for new messages, swipe to compose a tweet. Free, the app is good for speed Twitterers.

Twicca is a well-fitted Twitter client, with notifications, conversation thread views, trends and color labels to organize and track your favorite users. Free, the Android app can also save searches for topics you follow, and includes a home screen widget for quick access to update your status.

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Management tools

HootSuite is great for social media professionals, as it helps you manage your account beyond tweeting. Run multiple accounts, view lists and conversation threads, and see basic stats on your account behavior. With the $2.99 premium version, HootSuite will monitor links, and even schedule tweets for future post time stamps.

How to Use the Hootsuite Mobile App

Learn how to install and use the Hootsuite Mobile app on your mobile device.

Tweetcaster also has a good amount of account-management tools, with support for multiple accounts, the ability to create and edit your profile and lists and options to block and report other users. A favorite feature of Tweetcaster is the option to skin the app with a theme. For $4.99 you can experience Tweetcaster sans advertising.

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