Top Translation tools

Feb 5, 2011

As I often host international couchsurfers, language barriers often come into play and so I’ve tried many of the various translation tools. Here are some of my top picks

Google Translate

Stiil the best all-around encompassing translation tool for a variety of languages. Yes, I’m thoroughly a Google fan.


Universal Translator

Another overall translator, this one worked fairly well for me. It seemed just a bit slow to load and would hang/crash at times.


English Arabic Translator Free

As I mentioned above, I’m fond of Google translate and this app. simply makes things a bit cleaner and easier to navigate.


BabelFish Voice: German

Awesome German/English translator app. that allows you to speak English with your Voice recognition and it will then translate into German for you. Very helpful tool


BabelFish Voice: Spanish

In the same tradition with the Babelfish line of translation app’s, this one works spot on for Spanish. Voice recognition from English to Spanish and send your translations to email as well.


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