Top Social Games on Android

Aug 4, 2012

I love playing games and I love people, but with kids, sometimes I can’t actually be WITH people! These games help kill the time by making me think a little bit, but also, in a way, connecting me to the outside world.

Words With Friends Classic

If you don’t know about this app, where have you been? Scrabble lovers unite with this super fun social game. Love that you can play on your phone or on facebook, connect with your friends, and beat them and gloat about it!


Draw Something

I’m horrible at drawing, but can’t get enough of this game! I think it’s part of the fun if you’re no good. Really addictive and a great way to have some fun with your virtual friends. Only problem is the decreased drawing size on the new update.


Farm Story™

Like Farmville for your phone. Grow crops, harvest them, buy items and share with others. Incredibly addictive. The only issue is not having the same items available to purchase as those that are available on Apple.


Restaurant Story™

Don’t like Farms? What about starting and running your own virtual restaurant? From the makes of Farm Story, this app is just as fun, if not more.


Five Questions (Social Trivia)

Challenge up to 10 friends in this social trivia game. Lots of great questions and really quick and easy way to kill the time.


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