Top Augmented Reality Apps

Aug 31, 2011

I’m horribly fascinated with the world around me, and I love technology. AR is one of the things that I hope becomes so mainstream that we start using it for knowledge transfer and recommendations.


This app is amazing, hands down. Look through your devices camera to see a world around you covered in AR information and images.



Imagine combining a wiki with AR and this app is exactly that. Also great for finding things you’re looking for around you – can’t find the post office? type it in to the search box and look around you (through your phone).


Car Finder AR

For those of us that have ever lost your car in a parking lot, this app is a lifesaver. Use AR to find your car by placing a marker when you leave your car, and then launching this app when you are returning.



Ever wanted to look up into the sky and SEE wireless signals? With this app you can!


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