Top 5 Tel Aviv Android Apps

Apr 28, 2011

I have never been to Israel, but I am Jewish and I plan to go soon – these apps are helping me plan my trip.

Tel Aviv Manual

This app is US$1.99 and has maps of Tel Aviv, history, tours, a phone directory, and info about food and lodging. It also has common phrases and translations in Hebrew that are useful for travelers.


Tel Aviv Night Life

No one parties like the Israelis! This app has the clubs and bars and events going on in Tel Aviv.


Israel Quick Facts

This app costs US$0.99 had has over 100 facts about Israel. It’s highly detailed and has some great facts about history and background of different areas – as well as the military. It will help you see Tel Aviv in safety.



This free app has food and drink info for many cities, including Tel Aviv. It works differently for every city and Tel Aviv – so so.


Travel Israel

This app is actually worth the US$9.99 in that it is a very comprehensive virtual guidebook for the whole country of Israel. It’s got history, climate, geography, government, population, economy, culture, cities, maps, tourist info, shopping – really everything you could need including a book (The Wars of the Jews) and even Sudoku. Recommend.


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