Top 5 Munich Android Apps

Apr 28, 2011

I have been to Munich 2 or 3 times. The first time I went there was in 1987! Before mobile phones were popular. The last time I went there was a couple years ago, and I used these apps to show me a new side of the city.

Munich Manual

This app costs US$1.99 and is a simple guidebook for Munich including a city and subway map, hotel and food info, translation of common phrases, and a phone directory.


Munich Travel Guide by Triposo

This free app is a travel guide for Munich including nice photos and info on sights, and mini guides for day trips. It also has an offline map, activities and shopping, nightlife, and all the other tourist goodies like hotels, lodging, and food. For a free app it’s pretty good. Recommend.


TravelBook Munich

This is an offline travel guide for Munich that costs ~US$3.68. It has a very detailed street map, directions and routing, a local search, and info from wikipedia about the sites. All features work offline.


BeerGardener – Enjoy Munich!

This app is ~US$2.94 and will show you where all the best Beer Gardens are in Munich. You can find the nearest one using GPS and generate a routs using GPS. It also has photos, hours, descriptions, and more – and is in English and German. You can make reservations as well. You can also save your favorite locations. Great app that will make getting drunk on quality German beer even easier. 🙂 Recommend.


Urban Sunshine Maps

This map shows you where the currently sunny spots are in Munich and other cities. The map starts where you are currently located and is searchable. This is a superb app and for a sunworshipper like me has been incredibly useful in all the cities it supports. Recommend!


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