Top 5 Most Useful Free Baltimore Apps

Mar 3, 2011

I visited Baltimore on my 6 month road trip and went on a ride along with a sergeant in the Eastern District. It was like walking into an episode of The Wire. Without a police officer to show you around – perhaps best to use some of these apps to find your way.

Baltimore 98 Rock/WIYY 97.9 FM

This free app streams Baltimore’s 98 Rock. Works fast and multi-tasks well on my Nexus One.


Visit Baltimore

This app is like having a free guide book to the city of Baltimore. It has listings and events, dining, nightlife, hotels, shopping, etc.


MSU Radio

This is a free live stream of MSU Radio Baltimore WEAA FM 88.9. Works well.


Best Parking – Find Parking

This free app directs you to the cheapest and closest parking garages and lots in 18 cities and 79 airports. It works very well for Baltimore, it’s good to have a secure and safe place to park in the city!


Bus Time

This is an easy to use free app with bus and ferry times for many US cities and regions. For Maryland it has: Charm City Circulator, Howard County, Loyola University Maryland, Prince Georges County, Towson University, and University of Baltimore. This is a great app, works well and has real time predictions.


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