Top 5 Hong Kong Android Apps

May 3, 2011

China is a world power to be respected. I am excited to be planning a trip there. Here are some apps I’m using to keep informed.

MyObservatory (我的天文台)

This is an excellent weather app for Hong Kong. It has forecasts, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind dir./speed, photos from weather stations, astronomical and tide info, satellite, radar – and more! Excellent interface! Sadly, it only works on Android 2.1 devices. Still – recommend.


Hong Kong Live Wallpaper

This is a Hong Kong skyline wallpaper that changes with the time of day. Very pretty.


Hong Kong Movie

This free app allows you to get movie information, trailers, ratings, and schedules at over 40 different theaters in Hong Kong. In Chinese and English. Also can rate them yourself and share comments with other users. Recommend.



This app has all the great Hong Kong radio stations streaming directly to your phone! Easy to use, very comprehensive – needs wifi or 3G. Recommend.


HK Flight Info

This is an excellent free flight info app for Hong Kong International Airport. It’s in English and Chinese and has flights for the day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. You can search by flight number or city name – and has ALL the information about every flight, (type of airplane, actual arrival time, touchdown time, departure time, and you can set notifications for flight status changes. Recommend!


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