Top 5 Helsinki Android Apps

Apr 28, 2011

I’ve never been to Scandinavia but had a boyfriend from Helsinki once. 🙂 I will be traveling there on my European tour this summer and here’s some apps I’m using to get prepared.

Helsinki Testbed Weather View

This app lets you download a Helsinki weather map to your phone. The maps have temperature, rain, humidity, wind speed and direction, air pressure, etc. It’s a little buggy – doesn’t have DST settings, needs a slider to control the time rather than just having a repeated animation. Still – nice to have an offline weather map.



This free version of Andropas shows you a map of Helsinki that includes a full transportation map with route, stops and lines, and also cycling routes. You can select your location via GPS, searching the map, or from your contacts or set favorites. It has a live map including departure and arrival times and will let you plan out and compare routes. Recommend.


Helsinki City Guide

This is a free Helsinki city guide with activities, tours, food and drink, nightlife, shopping, hotel and lodgings, and more. All of it works offline, and the photos and UI are slick and easy to use.


Get-a-taxi FREE

This free app lets you order a taxi in Helsinki or Tampere area using an SMS message. It is GPS enabled and lets you set the cursor to your destination, then opens a text message with that info that you can edit and send. The free version is ad supported and it’s super useful! Recommend.


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