Top 5 Free Seattle Android Apps

Mar 15, 2011

Seattle is another of the cities I visited during my 6 month road trip last year. I also had been to Seattle a number of times and it was great to use these apps to see the new additions to the city.

Seattle Dog Park Finder

This app lets you look at Seattle off-leash dog parks on the phone. You can search by name, see more info on the hours and rules for each park, and see the park on a map. No frills.


Pizza Rat – Seattle

This app brings up the health department ratings and notes for any restaurant in Seattle. It would be a lot better if you didn’t have to know the EXACT name of the restaurant to search this database.


Seattle on the Move

This app logs data for people participating in the “Seattle on the Move” program – a program designed to get people more active and out of their cars.


Seattle Tacoma Traffic & Cam

This free app has traffic maps, cameras, weather, activities, and more for the Seattle area. It includes weather and police radio.



This app contains traffic and travel info for Seattle and the rest of Washington. It’s also got northbound Canadian border wait times, ferry times and updates, and reports on road conditions. It’s definitely the best traffic app for the area.


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