Top 5 Barcelona Android Apps

Apr 27, 2011

I’ve never been to Barcelona. I’ve never been to Spain. I am, however, planning a trip for next year. I’ve taken a look at all the Barcelona apps and here’s the ones I think will help me out!

Barcelona Photos

This app has hundreds of searchable photos from the city of Barcelona. They cover an amazing range of Barcelona sights, and you can use them as wallpaper or share them via social networks and email.


Clean Restroom Finder (Free)

This app lets you find clean, free toilets in the area! Useful in a lot of cities including Barcelona. It also has reading material for when you’re on the pot.


World Bike

See Barcelona by bicycle! This app shows you where the closest bikes are located, how many bikes are available, and how many free slots are there. You can also save your favorite stations.



This app is for reserving taxis in Barcelona, Madrid, and Jaen. You can see the price estimate of your route before you book, circumvent any language difference difficulties, and reserve with one click. Recommend.


Cercanoide (Spanish Train)

This app has time schedules for the train system in Barcelona and other Spanish cities. Would be great if it used GPS to locate nearest station.


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