Top 5 Apps to make your home screens pretty

Mar 11, 2011

I’m a guy who actually attempts to use my device to its fullest potential. I depend on it for work scheduling, work productivity and communication. But shouldn’t the screens be pretty??? Well these are my favorite apps for keeping things neat and tidy, I cannot promise it will make your battery happy though…

Earth Live Wallpaper

Really cool, down right amazing graphics and detail. I am the only person I know that knows about this; when I show them they are amazed it is free. So cool! However, like ALL live wallpaper it will eat your battery to death… But so very cool. Oh, did I mention you can even download star wars planets AND the Death Star (even the half constructed one)


Beautiful Widgets Pro

This was inexpensive and offered a great weather widget that is accurate and very customizable.


Folder Organizer

I have several folders on my home screen. One contains everything photo related; camera, video-camera, album, cropping, photo-funia, etc… another for games. However, if you use the plain folder shortcut on your device it is a plain boring folder :p This you can customize so many ways. and Label apps etc… very neat and tidy way of keeping things sharp and organized


Cover Art Downloader

Quite possibly the most amazing app I have used. I am a little obsessive Compulsive. I like things the way they should be. One thing is album art. Some of my mp3 had it some had it incorrect and some had nothing. With this amazing application, if your mp3 has the title and artist correct it will download and attach the correct album art tag. My android’s media player looks awesome now, every song has a picture. I love this app (I was actually thinking of redownloading; and paying for them just to get the album art) This is a must if you are a media user


LinkedIn Pulse

Great format, fast load, great visual (thumbnail etc…) I would like to see more options for adding sites (if you don’t know their url). I think this is a great app for anyone that likes popular stories on their favorite subjuects. I get updates on video games (you can select all or just your perferred platform), updates news, social media, recipe of the day, etc… Of course you can go on the web, but this is an app that once it is open you can quickly browse topics of all your favorite subjects and go from there.


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