Top 4 Fishing Games for Android

Jun 6, 2016

My favorite fishing games for Android to catch tons of fish in world’s most picturesque fishing spots.

Big Sport Fishing 3D

You don’t always get to take weekend fishing trips out to the lake when you’d like to, but Big Sport Fishing 3D may be the next best thing. As you move your phone in your hand, the scenery in the game also moves, giving you the feeling that it’s like you’re actually there, sitting in a boat. This game has vibrant panoramic views and 10 different locations to choose from. To cast your line, just flick your wrist.

Big Sport Fishing 3D for Android

Big Sport Fishing is a popular 3D fishing game for Android phones and tablets. This video gives you a quick look at the game and highlights some of the important features. The video shows scenes from the full version of the game. A free Lite version is also available that includes the first two locations in the game.

Super Dynamite Fishing

Fish like you mean it. As the title suggests, Super Dynamite Fishing isn’t your dad’s fishing trip. Leave your pole at home but bring the high explosives and artillery. Collect cash as your conquer the lake and decimate the fish population.With your loot, you can upgrade your boat and weapons. You’ll also find crazy achievements and a side plot involving a woman named Rosemary, but don’t let them distract from the fishing.

Super Dynamite Fishing – Official Gameplay Trailer

Official game trailer of ‘Super Dynamite Fishing’ by ▶ Crazy fishing action with dynamite! Get the game here: Sail around with your boat across ponds, rivers and seas full of fish and relieve the gill breathers of their guts to make a buck!

Russian fishing

Russian fishing is free and it is one of the most popular fishing games on the Google Play. Prepare your fishing tackle, your rod and your boat in the game shop and try to catch a really big fish! Want more gear? You can get it in the shop.

Russian Fishing for Android Light ripples on water,leisurely floating clouds and a beautiful view will take you from the dusty city to the heart of nature.Choose a spot for fishing,cast your rod and…feel the first bite. And remember that to haul out a huge sheatfish,you need appropriate gear that you can purchase in the shop after selling your catch.


Another famous simulator for players loving fishing. In the game, players can enjoy amazingly beautiful landscapes, realistic sounds of nature and excitable gameplay. Realistic and in-depth fishing game that lets you drive a boat around a lake and fish structures. In iFishing, location, lure, lure depth, jigging and your reeling speed makes a difference about what fish you catch.

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