Three top-notch games available only on Android

Nov 26, 2012

We Android device owners know all too well that many of the cool games seem to appear on iOS devices first, and then get ported over to Android. It can be frustrating but rest easy Android fanatics, there are quite a few games that come to Android first and then head over to iOS or not all. Today’s post is a list of the Android-only games that I have come across. If you have any that should be added to the list, please post in the comments section!

Parallel Zombies- Zombies MMO

Parallel Zombies is a location-based MMORPG game. The game is “played” on a game board over a map of your current location. You can play by yourself or with others in the game. When you first start, you decide what your character will be and then it’s time to kill zombies. As you move across the game board, you will find objects, encounter wandering zombies, and discover missions. The main way to advance in the game is by helping the non-player characters with missions.

As you work through and complete missions, you use the items you find to trade, sell, or upgrade weapons. You control your character with on-screen joysticks. The game interface is nicely done and does not interfere with gameplay. In addition to upgrading your weapons, you can upgrade your character and complete missions with other players around the world. If you are a zombie killer, you will not be disappointed.

Tap Dragon Park (Free)

Tap Dragon Park is another building game where you use dragons to protect your village from troublesome trolls. You build dragon hatcheries, then hatch different types of dragons, each with different elements or powers. When the trolls arrive, you move into the battle sequence, where you choose which dragons to defend the village. You will want to take note of each dragon’s element to help defend and attack against the troll and their element. If you win, you earn gold to help your village grow.

As you progress in levels, more and different types of dragons become available. This is a freemium game, and you can purchase gem with real money to help speed things up. After battles, your dragons need to rest; you can either wait or use gems to heal them quickly. As you progress you will need to expand your village to accommodate more dragon hatcheries, and you can invite friends to play as well. The game can easily be picked up, played a bit and then put down.

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Daredogs (Free)

In this game you begin as Bravo, a top dog pilot and what do you do? Dog Fight! In this game, dogs  head over to Daredog Island and take on numerous flying challenges. The game begins with a quick tutorial to familiarize you with the controls, which are pretty simple. This is a free game supported by ads and has a variety of in-app purchases available.

The game comes with four different game modes and you can unlock four different characters. In addition to characters, you can choose from a variety of different weapons. While in tournament battle, you will encounter 25 opponents and numerous bosses. Overall, there is a lot to the game and the developer says they will donate 10% of sales to various dog shelters.

These are just a few of the Android only games I have found. But I have also discovered that as time goes by, more and more games are released on both platforms, which is great for all mobile gamers!

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