The Sound of Sleep

Feb 24, 2011

Ever wonder ways you can get a better night sleep? I know I do sometimes. Here a few things that may help.

Pure Sleep | AmbiScience™

Hit play and you have three soothing sound options ‘Desert Sunrise’, ‘The Power Plant” and ‘Just the Rain’. Click on preference, and you can control the track and effect volume. Click on alarm and you can have the relaxing sounds for as long as you’d like.


Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock

I think this is the coolest thing and it makes me wonder how well it works. To begin just tap your screen and a menu will come up. The left side of screen lets you control the scenery and the right side of the screen lets you control the sounds. If you tap the circle icon on the left of the screen a color wheel will pop up and will let you decide what color pallet you would like. The sun is gives you the option to brighten and dim the screen. There is also a screen orientation section. You can also set a timer.


Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

There are 5 different peaceful instrument/nature sound music. These are supposed to help you relaxing and fall into a deep sleep. You also get very soothing back grounds to glance at. There is the option of playing a single song, repeating that track, repeat a whole playlist you created, play in the order the songs are listed or have it play randomly. Like others this has a nice option of a timer.


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