The New York Times Android app a newsworthy addition

Aug 9, 2010

Sitting down with a fragrant, steaming cup of coffee and a plate of freshly buttered blueberry scones on a Sunday morning isn’t quite complete until The New York Times is spread out across the table. But when the man of the house hogs the sports section a little too long or spills his coffee all over the latest Sunday magazine, our early morning ritual can quickly become a lesson in patience.

Enter the free NYTimes Android app. Now, without even leaving my bed in the morning, I can read “all the news fit to print” from one neatly designed news app. The app is filled with the latest stories, including video from the technology and health sections to the beloved (at least in my house) sports and fashion & style sections. There is a handy drag/drop menu to easily access all NYT’s news sections.

See something you want to share? Hit the menu button for options to e-mail, social media share or even send via text message.

Have a hard time reading on your phone screen? Change the font size to huge, large, medium or small. Unlike the iPhone app, you are unable to save stories for access later on this Android app or search by keyword. Hopefully, we will see an update to include these functions soon.

Overall, it’s a free, quick way to access one of the world’s favorite newspapers from bed, on your commute or anywhere your heart desires.

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