The new (and one old) eReaders on Android

Aug 1, 2010

I love books. But I am one lazy girl, because I can’t stand lugging them around. I’ve been using a B&N Nook for awhile, but this fancy-pants Android phone presents some additional possibilities. A couple of new eReader apps hit the market in the last week – let’s see how they measure up with our old friends Kindle and iBooks, shall we?

NOOK: Read eBooks & Magazines

As a Nook owner, I was looking forward to having a handy phone app to sync with my B&N library. And while it does do that, the open nature of the Nook hardware is kind of defeated in the app. You can’t sideload books – the only content you can access is in your B&N library. It’s a bummer, but not a dealbreaker. The layout is nice, the navigation is intuitive, and the purchasing process is simple. (Free on Android Market)


Kobo Books – Reading App

Kobo is the new guy in the eReader game, and as such is still experiencing that mother of all limitations – an inferior library. Other than that, it’s pretty much hand-in-hand with the Nook app, although Borders readers may find this more convenient for sync purposes. It also offers the clever night/day reading option, but fails to allow sideloading the way the Kobo hardware does. (Free on Android Market)


Aldiko Book Reader

This is the old standby of eBook readers, and with good reason. It comes jam-packed with free books, great search features, and setup options. What it doesn’t have is the backing of a powerful shop like B&N, Borders, or Amazon. But remember how I was going on about sideloading? Aldiko lets you do that. You can take epub files you already own, load them onto your phone’s SD card, and then read them in Aldiko. This app is great for library books, especially. (Free on Android Market)


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