The era of no more food waste is coming with Too Good To Go

Sep 15, 2016

The problem of wasting in the developed world has long been an important topic of international dialogue. In the first world way more goods are produced than necessary and the leftovers are usually thrown away while in many developing countries people suffer from famine. In the last months a new application was launched – reflecting on fighting against food waste. The app is only operating in a limited number of countries so far, but the expansion and spread are seem to be around the corner.

Too Good to Go set high goals for itself: stop wasting food. Restaurants usually prepare more food than what they can actually sell thus the leftovers in most cases are thrown away. Then the developers thought: what if we show a solution that is good for people who want to eat a cheap meal and also beneficial for the restaurant? And that’s how it started: the application lets restaurants offer leftover food for a cheaper price so others can buy it. Everything happens through the app from picking a food to the payment – through a safe paying system. Too Good to Go is using GPS data to find the closest diners and after ordering, the users’ only thing left to do is picking up the dish and enjoying it – a code sent through the app makes sure that the meal will be given to the right person.

Too Good to Go started from the UK and by now it is also available in France, Germany, Denmark, Austria and Norvegia.

Too Good To Go UK

Uploaded by Too Good To Go on 2016-05-06.

Why Too Good to Go is a great innovation doesn’t need much explanation: it gives a creative and wise response to the exploitation of the first world. Moreover, it creates a pure win-win situation: locals have access to quality food at a very low price and restaurants gain extra revenues on selling dishes that otherwise they wouldn’t be able to. Beneficial for the purse, beneficial for the seller, beneficial for the environment. What would need improvements are the surface and the graphics to make it more appealing and distinctive – although it is true that its goal is impressive enough to make up for poor design. Also, the functions could be broaden with features regarding food preferences such as vegetarian or vegan offers, or filtering based on allergies.

Considering all, there’s no reasons why not to try this app. It even anticipates the accusations that it still keeps food in the closed circle of the middle class as it makes possible for users to donate – to provide a meal – for people in need. Let’s hope that soon it will be available in more and more countries.

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