The Best Voice Changer Apps for Android

Oct 16, 2016

Making prank calls is an art form requiring three Ps and an ever-important E: planning, practice, precision, and execution. You have to select the right method, the right time, and the right person to prank, while also find the balance between being funny and not going overboard with the content and delivery of your prank. Technological advancement is a wonderful thing that keeps on enriching our lives in many ways, including taking prank calls to a whole new stratosphere with an amazing assortment of creative apps aimed at jokesters looking to up their pranking game. To assist you in doing so, we’ve collected the best voice changer apps for Android – though it is important to note that these apps are not capable of changing your voice during phone calls, so in case you’re brewing pranking plans, keep another phone in close proximity.

Best Voice Changer

This app does not fool around and boasts its sky-high self-confidence with its simple yet undeniably catchy and somewhat funny name. With Best Voice Changer, you can not only change your voice by selecting from a wide range of voice and effect presets, you can also change the speed of your speech and boost your recordings with background effects, making it sound like as if you were on a plane or in the middle of a raging battle. Best Voice Changer might not live up to it name, as it certainly isn’t the very best in its category, it is still a fun app to play around with, and it doesn’t cost a dime.

Voice Changer by AndroidRock

To nobody’s surprise, Voice Changer advertises itself as the best voice changing app on the market, which, just like in the case of Best Voice Changer detailed above, is definitely not true – mainly because apps are no exception to the universal rule of different strokes for different folks. Voice Changer’s features have nothing extraordinary among them: you can record or open audio files and apply effects on them, edit and listen to saved audios, or share your Voice Changer masterpieces with your friends and acquaintances via Bluetooth or social media. What we love the most about voice changer is its colorful cavalcade of effects including Martian, Drunk, Devil, Creepy Movie, Alien, and Big Alien.

Voice Changer by e3games

The second and very last Voice Changer in our compilation is brought to you by e3games, and, shockingly, does introduce itself as the best voice changing thing since voice changing sliced bread. Voice Changer has a vibrantly colorful, easy-to-comprehend design that is in harmony with its fun-bringing features. After applying the effect of your pranking dreams with the voice modulator, you can sav the modified audio and set it as a ringtone, or a notification or alarm sound, and share it with anyone via e-mail, social media Dropbox, Whatsapp, and many more. Voice Changer’s effects selection includes Monster, Cave, Smurf, Death, Alien, Backwards, Underwater, Space Station, and Wolf, so it’s safe to say that it will extensively expand your pranking options.


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