The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android All Instagram Fanatics Must Have on their Phone

Nov 18, 2016

Instagram provides a multifaceted platform for sharing the special moments of your live you have captured with either your phone or your camera, whether that special moment is a spectacular cityscape enchanted and illuminated by the burning orange sunset or a fine-dining experience that is pleasing for all senses. Instagram has become so widespread that it is increasingly challenging to stand out from the crowd of Instagrammers, so you have to pay more attention to posting high-quality and unique photos, which, in most cases, requires extra effort and extra editing. To ensure that you have all the photo editing tools that assist you in producing quality Instagram content, we’ve put together a compilation of the best photo editing apps for Android.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is the Swiss army knife of photo editing apps: a photo editor, a collage maker, and a drawing tool merged into one app to rule all. With more than 300 million installs, it does rule all on the popularity charts, and its abilities do live up to the hype, although some user reviews have expressed unpleasant changes compared to previous version, and some find the in-app offers a tad overwhelming. Nevertheless, its powerful photo editing tools, clipart packs, fonts, stickers, and collage templates more than make up for the aforementioned negatives.

Photo Grid: Photo Collage Maker

Photo Grid: Photo Collage Maker is the most advanced photo collage tool in the Android universe. With over 100 million installs, it also happens to be the most popular. Put together spectacular collages by choosing from dozens of grids, spruce up your photos with categorized filters, create video slides, use magazine layouts and templates to find yourself on the cover of a magazine, or shoot videos using the brand new dynamic stickers to turn your friends into Pokemons!

PhotoGrid – Photo Sharing Tool & Social Platform

Download here: A Whole New & Social PhotoGrid! -Join PhotoGrid Community to share the wonderful moments


Snapseed is a professional photo editing app developed by none other than Google. It is called professional for a reason, and includes a set of photo editing tools with which you’ll be able to perform all the modifications you need for a varied and eye-pleasing Instagram portfolio. The feature that captured our attention is ironically called “Healing”, and it allows you to remove, as Google put it, “the uninvited neighbor from a group picture”. Further features include tonal adjustment options, categorized filters (including “Drama”, with which you can sprinkle some gloomy doomsday dust on your photos), frames, texts, and many more.

Snapseed Introduction

Uploaded by Snapseed on 2015-04-09.

Textgram – Write on Photos!

Writing sarcastic one-liners and words of priceless wisdom on photos will never go out of style, though doing it in style requires much more than googling a matching quote or coming up with something witty on your own. To provide the necessary form for your content, Textgram brings you all the tools you need to create eye-popping photo-text combos, including fonts, backgrounds, stickers, frames, and filters. The only thing Textgram can’t help you with is finding the quote that is most harmonious with your mood or with the message you are trying to put out to the world, but rest assured that once you find it, Textgram will do the rest like no other app could.

Textgram v3 – Promotional Video

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