The Best Astronomy Apps All Stargazers and Amateur Astronomers Must Have on their Android Phone

Dec 21, 2016

There is an enchanting mystery surrounding celestial objects that captures the imagination of most human beings. We’re not necessarily talking about the romantic aspect of stargazing, although it is an undeniably magical experience to sit under the star-laden night sky with someone dear to your heart. What we had in mind is more on the philosophical side, since stars remind us of how vast the universe is and how insignificant our problems are in the grand scheme of things, and also of how fleeting our lives are and thus how we must strive to make the most out of each day. Others are drawn to stars simply and strictly due to scientific reasons, and are always on the lookout for the latest space discoveries and mind-blowing theories. Regardless of the reason that draws you to celestial objects and that inspires you to indulge in stargazing, the astronomy apps we are about to introduce should definitely find their way to your Android phone.

Star Chart

We start out at the top of the stargazing app chart. With over 20 million users worldwide, Star Chart is among the most popular stargazing apps for Android, and has the features to back up such a lofty status. With Star Chart, you can just point your Android device at the sky at any angle you deem comfortable, and get all the celestial information you need – and much more! Star Chart has an immense star database containing more than 120,000 items, allowing you to explore all the visible stars of both hemispheres on flawlessly accurate star maps. Accordingly, Star Chart is capable of displaying all 88 constellations, and does so with vintage imagery based on the artwork of 17th century astronomer Johannes Hevelius. The entire Messier catalog of exotic deep sky objects is also at your disposal, and you can even travel to the many celestial objects of our solar system while enjoying beautifully rendered 3D visuals. To top it all off, Star Charts supports voice control, has a powerful zoom function, displays all information on any celestial object you tap on, and comes equipped with a time machine – a feature called Time Shift, to be exact, with which you can travel up to 10,000 years in time in any direction.

Star Chart – Mapping the Sky with Android

Check out Star Chart: Android powers more than a billion phones and tablets around the world. It’s customizable, yet easy to use, and since it’s made by Google, it works seamlessly with all your favorite Google apps. Learn more about Android at

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

Award-winning Stellarium Mobile Sky Map can be rightfully denoted as a pocket planetarium, as it has a star catalog made up of an astonishing 600,000 celestial objects that it displays on a real-time, perfectly accurate sky map you can zoom in on if you’d like to take a closer look at a particular star of interest. Talking of catalogs, Stellarium also has one of galaxies and nebulae, and ensures a memorable visual experience with eye-popping illustrations of constellations, a realistically depicted Milky Way, simulations of star extinctions and atmosphere refractions, and 3D-rendered models of the solar system’s planets and their satellites. Apropos: in case you’re into tracking satellites, Stellarium will be your go-to app, as it displays all artificial satellites, including the International Space Station. Just point your Android device at the sky, and let Stellarium work its magic!

Sky Safari 5

The fifth edition of the ultimate stargazing app brings you all the tools an amateur astronomer needs to find their way around the night sky’s celestial wonders. Sky Safari 5’s comprehensive database contains 120,000 stars, more than 200 star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae, all major planets and moons, asteroids, comets, and even satellites. Outside of being an impressively rich source of knowledge allowing you to learn about the history, mythology, and science of a vast selection of celestial objects without an internet connection, Sky Safari 5 has a wide range of jaw-dropping visuals. Feel free to simulate the night sky from any location to see how the stars aligned thousands of years ago or watch meteor showers light up star-laden vistas by taking a celestial trip into the future using SkySafari’s Time Flow feature. Experience interstellar travel and explore the solar system’s major planets to see Saturn’s rings like you’ve never seen them before, or simply identify celestial objects and show off your astronomy expertise to your date while indulged in some romantic stargazing! Sky Safari 5 comes equipped with Google Maps integration so that you can set your exact location, and has a night vision mode to preserve your eyesight after nightfall.

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