Take a hike with Android!

Sep 7, 2010

When the air turns cool and crisp, don’t you just want to grab your boots and go for a hike? Don’t forget your Android this year – and load it up with these apps before you go.

My Tracks

This app is easy to use and packed with features that even the most casual hiker will enjoy. Turn on your GPS and let it follow your tracks. Mark spots along your way with the Waypoint feature, and keep track of not only your distance and time, but your elevation and speed as well. My Tracks plays nicely with Google and you can upload and share your trips with ease.


BackCountry Nav Topo Maps GPS

The more serious wilderness wanderer will want to give this app a spin. Using USGS maps, track your route and survey the terrain with this feature-packed app.


My Augmented Reality

This is a fun wayfinding app that combines mapping with pictures – great for those among us who get lost a lot. Add photos to your waypoints along your trek and get a better visual of where you’ve been – and where you’d like to go again.


First Aid

Get quick tips on treating and recognizing symptoms of common injuries and medical issues, from ankle sprains to yellow fever (I couldn’t think of anything that started with a Z).


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