Study the constellations with Star Chart Android app

Feb 22, 2011

If you have a passion for gazing into the night sky at the constellations, the Star Chart Android app is for you. Whether you’re in a corn field in Indiana or resting on the couch in your New York City condo, simply aim your Android phone at the sky, and admire the stars, planets and constellations. Point your phone down to see what the stars look like to folks on the other side of the world.

Using the GPS technology inside your phone, this star charting app tells you exactly what you’re looking at in the night or daytime sky, no matter where you are. Have you ever stared into the night sky at a particularly bright star, and wondered what it was? Now you can point your Android phone at the star to identify it. The app will also tell you if the bright spot in the sky you are so fond of is may not even be a star at all, it might be a planet.

Star Chart – Mapping the Sky with Android

Check out Star Chart: Android powers more than a billion phones and tablets around the world. It’s customizable, yet easy to use, and since it’s made by Google, it works seamlessly with all your favorite Google apps. Learn more about Android at

You can also use the app to find your star sign in the sky. This would be a terrific activity for a first date, or for any romantic date for that matter. Take turns finding each other’s star signs before going in for a kiss.

This star-finding app is great for astronomy students to take their studies to the next level, for grade school students studying the planets, and for star enthusiasts just wanting to identify and explore the night sky.

Star Chart
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