Steve Jobs attacks Android, and other industry news

Oct 19, 2010

Steve Jobs had some fighting words during Apple’s (AAPL) third-quarter earnings call yesterday, bashing Android on a few different fronts. While Apple’s iOS still dominates the market in many ways, Jobs’ boasting incurred some wrathful responses from industry vets, including Android’s chief architect, Andy Rubin. He was fired up enough to post his very first tweet, defining the meaning of “open platforms.”

Video chat coming to Android?

Work on Android’s open platform continues, as more details arise around the rumored Gingerbread 3.0 update. According to PCWorld, we can expect built-in video chat, more integration around Google Apps, and increased speed, among other features. As Android devices reach the Froyo 2.2 plateau, Google (GOOG) may be aiming to solidify its fragmented OS with a more powerful back-end.

Uverse launches on Android

Even though Android’s OS is rather fragmented when compared to Apple’s iOS, the mobile platform is still receiving support from big brands. AT&T (T) has introduced its Uverse app to Android, joining the ranks of DirecTV and Comcast. With the new app, you can manage your DVR and view your programming guide. So far the app is only available for select devices, including the Samsung Captivate, HTC Aria, and for the Motorola Flipside soon.

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