Staying connected is a breeze with eBuddy Messenger

Aug 26, 2010

eBuddy Messenger is a free app that will take the turmoil out of staying connected with your friends, family and co-workers via all of the most popular instant-messaging networks: MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, GTalk, MySpace, ICQ, Hyves and Facebook.

Set up couldn’t be easier. Just create a new, unique My Buddy account name and login, then enter each of your logins to your other current IM sites. Set them all to auto-login, and you’re set.

New IM status messages will pop up in your status bar (or set it to vibrate or play a sound), and you can even stay online when you get a phone call.

Switching between chats is painless, and should you wander away from your wifi hotspot or 3G coverage, the app will auto re-connect you. Painless, and easy? It’s possible!

After a few days of use, you’ll quickly find eBuddy Messenger to be one of your most often-used apps. Easily takes the place of four or five additional applications, while offering a suite of features that can’t be beat.

eBuddy XMS
Developer: eBuddy
Price: Free
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Tim McLain

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