Spring Live Wallpapers

Oct 14, 2011

I like to have live wallpapers that match the season – because it’s a form of fashion! Here are my favorite spring-themed live wallpapers.

Spring Time Live Wallpaper

This is a little Android on a sparkling green spring background. He’ll do a flip if you touch him!


LiveWallPaper Spring 2

A classic symbol of spring in Japan – the cherry blossoms. This live wallpaper has a branch with cherry blossoms on it – occasionally some flutter off in the wind.


Season Clock ♥ Spring

Beautiful spring themed digital “particle clock”. Cherry blossoms and flowers.


Four Seasons -Spring- Lite

This live wallpaper is truly a work of art. It is Hokusai’s classic painting of cherry blossoms in front of a mountain brought to life with passing clouds and wind.


Spring Live Wallpaper

Stunning live wallpaper of a dandelion that changes with day and night. During the day the dandelion is in a field with a bee and a balloon in the background. As the sun sets the dandelion turns white and begins to spread its seeds. Recommend!


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