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Aug 8, 2011

I’m an event planner by day, but a social media manager for a community of 18,000+ bloggers 24/7. I’m in need of a social media app that can help me manage both my personal channels as well as my social media ones. I’ve tested a few, and found some that work great for me, and some that just fall short.

Twitter App

The general Twitter app for android is great. When I don’t want to go through different columns to check on my own personal tweets, I can just pull up Twitter to see what I need in a quick glimpse. True, you can’t manage multiple accounts with it, but the interface is extremely user friendly, and if I’m only concentrating on my own account for a second, it gets the job done, and fast.


Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)

I loved Seesmic when I first downloaded it. Clean interface, easy to use, the screens for each account or twitter page were neat. But the loading time only got slower and slower, and it seemed more often than not the app would crash, leaving me without my other accounts, or having to reboot my phone.


TweetDeck (Twitter, Facebook)

I love TweetDeck, its my social media channel managing desktop app of choice for my laptop. The app is quick to load on my phone, at least compared to Seemic. I wish the setting up of the columns were a bit neater. However the app has great control over which account you’re posting from when, it would be hard to mess up, since those options are large on the screen for you to choose from.


Hootsuite for Twitter & Social

Unfortunately I didn’t really get to give HootSuite a fair shot, since the allotted amount of logins granted to my community (without paying for more) were taken up, so I couldn’t use the app to my full advantage. When I tested it with my own personal accounts, the interface was great, and I like the background more than TweetDeck, since TD is stuck with the dark background, HS is lighter and a bit more inviting.


Peep Tweets

Peep Tweets came with my android, and while it gets the job done, the interface drove me nuts. It didn’t have a good flow to it, and was generally a pain to update.


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