Sober October

Oct 7, 2011

I knew a friend who would spend every October sober. I also know people who are never sober, and those who always are. Here are some apps for those trying to keep sober.

12 Steps AA Companion

If you find that AA works for you to keep you sober you might want to use this app as well. It’s $1.99. The icon for this app doesn’t show that it’s AA. There’s a sobriety calculaor, the big book, prayers, promises, and contacts. It can be stored on SD card and works offline. Recommend.


Sobriety Counter

This is a nicely designed way to keep track of and display the amount of time you’ve been clean and sober. It also has other features like a one click sponsor call and a photo option for inspiration.


The AA app

This app is a decent quality app with AA materials for $149. In addition to all the AA materials it gives access to AA speaker tapes and discussion forums. There’s a lot of materials included in this app. The sobriety calculator – though, does not work properly.


One Day At A Time

This is the best “Big Book” app on the market. Nice looking searchable interface. Has Big Book, prayers, promises, internet search, daily meditations, friends of bill, and sobriety counters for you and friends. Simple and comprehensive.


e-AA: a Big Book Reference

This is a very complete version of the AA Big Book.


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