Skyscanner for Android is another useful tool for planning your travels

Aug 30, 2011

As it turns out, booking airfare doesn’t have to be a horrendous headache. Skyscanner — All Flights for Android is a very handy tool that will save you time conducting Internet searches and will ultimately save you some cash, too.

It works a lot like familiar sites, such as and You fill in the blanks on where you’re headed and when you’ll (hopefully) be taking off. The app sticks with all the major airlines, and will bounce back everything that looks like it’s a reasonable price. After your results are shown, you have the option to get a bit more picky with your search. Skyscanner will lay out all of the possible airlines, departure points, flight times and flight duration, and you just have to pick which you prefer.

The app is smart enough to save your most recent searches, that way if you frequently fly home to visit your family in Ohio or take regular business trips to San Francisco, you don’t have to waste time re-typing the same details time and again.

Skyscanner also has a share function, so you can shoot your itinerary to a friend in case they’ll be waiting for you at the gate. The one bummer, though, is that the app doesn’t sync-up with your various social networks, so you’re limited to shooting off emails rather than Facebook messages or tweets. It also doesn’t support a simple SMS.

Skyscanner App: Flights,Hotels, and Cars All in One Place!

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What I really like about Skyscanner, though, is that the developers have kept things basic. There’s not a lot of color or flashy design, but the fact that it’s plain and simple makes for a very quick and direct business transaction. The fact that this app runs very well, without issue, only makes things easier. You jump on, find what you need, and you’re done.

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Skyscanner does what it sets out to as a respectable travel booking app, but it’s not especially groundbreaking. There are loads of other more well-known apps out there that do the same thing, plus more (you can book rental cars and hotels, too, with the Orbitz Android app, for instance).

If you need to schedule a quick flight, though, Skyscanner is just another option for you.

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