Sign Language Apps

Mar 15, 2011

Basic sign language is a good thing to know. You never know when you’d need it or have the opportunity to use it. Your phone can teach you the basics.

ASL Lite

You can learn a list of the words and how to do motions. You can save words you used the most under ‘my words’ and you can test your knowledge by taking different quizzes.


ASL American Sign Language

This app takes you through the alphabet. It verbally says the letter and shows you a clear picture one how to sign it. You can also click on the dice and have a random letter come up to learn if you don’t want to go in order. It’s great to learn basics.


Baby Sign and Learn

This one cracks me up. A little animated baby will pop and say and sign whatever word you’ve selected. You can also take quizzes.


Baby Sign Language Dictionary

You can select a word or category and an animated person comes up and will show you the different motions to you and will explain it as she shows you.


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