Shhhh… Android apps for SECRETS

Jan 17, 2011

We all have stuff we want to keep under wraps and close at hand. From your own secret passwords and texts to other people’s secret documents and postcards, check out these apps… but be very, very quiet while you do so.

Keeper® Password Manager

This is my all time favorite for passwords – it’s easy to add or change each password and keep them sorted into folders if you choose. Best of all, you can back up your information to the Keeper Cloud and retrieve it even if your phone crashes or is stolen – but it’s NEVER stored on your phone.



Here’s the app for the PostSecret project where people anonymously mail in their secrets on postcards to share with the world.


Secret Message Pro

Keep your own secret text messages out of the tabloids with an app like this one to encrypt them. Celebrities, I am talking to YOU.



It’s one of the big controversies across the globe, this WikiLeaks thing. Use this app to browse and share the formerly secret documents that are making headlines… and headaches. (The price of the app is paid toward the WikiLeaks Defence Fund.)



Or get this app (similar to above) if you want to check things out but do not wish to donate to the legal fund.


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