Series Three for the Minimalists – top widgets and apps for a sleek look

Mar 5, 2011

I keep coming back to minimalism for my screen designs and I think this is my third list for this… but the devs keep making such awesome new widgets that keep their simple look but add functionality and choices.


I used this to replace my old clock favorite, Tajm. The font is cooler.


Minimal Weather Widget

FINALLY, a weather widget without a big sunshine or animated rain. This looks nice and simple next to Clockr and gives you the bare bones for weather, no cartoons included.


Minimal Reader

This is a new one for me, I’d never seen a truly minimalist widget for RSS feeds – most of them are pretty clunky – but this fills that niche.


Minimalistic Text: Widgets

This is a really flexible widget that lets you choose among several things to display, like battery, date, weather and time. It’s probably the most customizable of the ones on this list.


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