Save paper and get your newspaper apps

Aug 21, 2011

You can have your whole world and news all on your phone

World Newspapers

World Newspapers allows you to be in contact with more than 105 countries and 6,000 links. You have access to video news, browsing countries and categories at your leisure, share your reading history and keep bookmarks. You can also search for favorite newspapers, translate web pages a long with downloading them. You can also personalize your settings.



This gives you access to papers such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and NY Times along with others like BBC and Daily Telegraph.



This gives you the latest news, scores, and weather from USA TODAY. Instead of going out and getting the paper you can download it for free on your phone.


US Newspapers

US Newspapers allow you to read major US newspapers and sites online. You can use auto favorite which has the news you read most often will go up on your list. Add a newspaper or magazine to your menu and you can delete them as well. You can customize your font size as well.


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