Samsung GalaxyTab brings new life to Android

Sep 3, 2010

This was a big week for the mobile OS wars, with previews of upcoming Android tablets emerging in the days leading up to the IFA event in Germany. Just before the conference kicked off, however, Steve Jobs debuted a redesigned line of iPods, along with an updated iTunes that features a social network.

The Apple (AAPL) press event may have stolen some of Android’s thunder this week, boasting high sales numbers for the iPhone 4 and all other Apple iOS devices. While none of the announcements were specific to the iPad, Apple’s iOS 4 updates set for November are just one of the many highlights of the show.  The new iPod Touch, which  now supports FaceTime, expands the communication service beyond the iPhone 4, helping to broaden Apple’s reach to consumers.

Android’s keeping pace with its own new products and updates, most notably in its new line of tablets.  A number of manufacturers, from LG (066570.KS) to Panasonic (PC), will be making Android tablet announcements throughout the duration of the trade show.  Samsung (005930.KS) kicked things off with a bang, revealing its GalaxyTab on the first day of the IFA conference.  Tailing the success of the Galaxy S smartphone, it is clear that Samsung is becoming a leading manufacturer around Android-supported devices.

Both Apple and Google (GOOG) are pushing major product announcements just as the holiday shopping season approaches. Tablets are clearly a major point of interest for both companies, with Apple reaching back to its original iPod to rope consumers back into its culture.

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