Roller Coasters, and Slingshots, and Ferris Wheels, OH MY!

Jul 23, 2011

It’s theme park season, and as a lover of amusement parks, I thought “what better topic for a list than places to go get your scream on?”. Here are some apps related to various theme parks I’ve been to and enjoyed, as well as theme parks in general.

Darien Lake

Though this park, located in Lake Darien near Rochester, New York, has been taken over by the Six Flags franchise, only the name has changed, while the awesome quality of rides and roller coasters has not. Besides providing you with an interactive map of the park, this app also lets you know what’s happening in the large concert venue attached to the park, in case you want to catch a show.


The Guide to Cedar Point

This app is a work in progress (there’s a glitch in the “thrill rides” category), but in its current incarnation, it still has some usefulness as a food and ride finder.


Earth Zoom : Theme Parks

Want to get an idea of what you’re getting yourself into before you commit to the schlep? Use this app to zoom in on theme parks from all over!


Ride Hopper – Park Wait Times

This app relies on social networking to help park-goers tell each other what the lines look like at various rides. Its usefulness goes up and down depending on how many people are using it, but it does provide estimates based on season and expected attendance as well.


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