Recycle your notepad and download ColorNote for Android

Oct 3, 2010

The free ColorNote Notepad Notes Android app is perfect for random note takers like me. I have my most creative thoughts in the weirdest places: bathroom, church, public transportation, etc. If I don’t have the means to write my inspired notes down at that moment, then poof! My thoughts are lost, and sometimes, never recovered.

Pick from the type of note you want to enter: text or checklist. The checklist function is great for to-do and shopping lists, while text is perfect for jotting down random thoughts and notes for the future. And remember, with your Android phone, you can even speak your notes versus typing.

Add an alarm to trigger you to look at the notes or add a ColorNote Android widget to your phone’s main screen as a constant reminder. Color code your notes and sort alphabetically, by color or by reminder time. You also have the option to secure individual notes with a password for confidential thoughts.

This organizational app is designed intuitively, making it super easy to use. For a free app, you can tell time was spent thinking through the development to make it user friendly.

The only thing I would love to see added is a way to link to documents you are taking notes about for easy access. I’m definitely putting down my sticky notes and reaching for my Android for future note taking.

ColorNote Notepad Notes
Developer: Notes
Price: Free
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