Procrastination Killers … The Best Apps for GTD

Jul 9, 2012

Technology itself can be a time suck, so to make sure I stay on track I use tech to my advantage. These are some amazing GTD (getting things done) apps for android.

Astrid Tasks & To-do List

Probably one of the best, most feature rich task list apps out there. I can sync my lists between devices so I always know where I’m at in my to-do list! It also syncs with my calendar very nicely.


Google Tasks Organizer

I love my gmail, but never found Google tasks to be all that helpful. However, with Google Tasks Organizer, my life has changed! It is kind of pricey for an app, but it will add a whole new level to your life’s productivity.


Evernote – stay organized.

If you work off of multiple devices, say your desktop, laptop and android mobile, Evernote can help you stay organized. Take notes, save photos, clip articles … really just about anything you need to do! Helps me with research I do for writing and it stores all my discoveries into one location.



Dropbox is terrific for sharing large files like videos and caches of photos between devices. I love the flexibility of being on the road and still having the ability to send an important file to someone.



This as a GTD app designed specifically for the GTD system. One of the only apps where you actually do have to use the specific system, but it works really well! I’ve been able to really stay productive with it.


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