Pose is a most fabulous fashion app for Android

Apr 8, 2012

Fashion addicts will just die for the free Pose app for Android. Basically, this stylish app is a community for fashionistas to share their shopping and fashion addictions via fabulous pictures in real time. Users can also share the photos via social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Lots of famous fashion lovers are already using the app to showcase their remarkable wares such as Corri McFadden of VH1’s House of Consignment and Leandra Medine, who is @themanrepeller on Twitter.

Use the stylish app to search for wardrobe inspiration by categories like bags, boots, dresses, etc. Or just find all your favorite trendsetters and peruse their profiles for all the latest fashion finds. Check out the “Posers,” what’s featured, what’s popular, and the regular “People.” This fashion app is hours of fabulous fun. Who needs to shop when you have this app? Well, I guess you still need to buy some new additions to your closet to imitate all your favorite outfits from friends on the Pose app. You can also leave comments if you are dying to know where someone purchased that Tory Burch belt, pretty pink skinny jeans, or crazy-cool lizard flats.

Could you imagine what Cher from Clueless could have done with this chic app? When you join you get to take a fun fashion quiz that shows you some top matches of stylish people you should follow. Of course, I got Rachel Zoe. As if, I die! You can also easily find Facebook and Twitter friends who are already using the app.

Basically, if you love fashion, you have to get the Pose app for your Android. Don’t get caught at a Sunday girl’s brunch without it!

Developer: Pose.com
Price: Free
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