Political Apps

Sep 22, 2010

Regardless of your political views, you need help staying in the loop about the latest trends and news in the politics realm. These apps can help you keep track of the latest headlines, newest candidates and more. Stay ahead of the discussion with these political Android apps.


Engage in the discussion with this app. It’s a message board that centers around political hot spots around the globe. When somethings happening somewhere (i.e. DC, New York, etc.) you can tag the area and leave your thoughts on the current political climate. A new way to engage in debate around location specific events.


ElectionCaster Politics News

This app is helpful as we enter primary and voting season. Keeps track of local and national news as well as a real-time poll app that keeps track of where candidates stand as the votes roll in.


Worlds Smallest Political Quiz

Not sure where you stand on the political spectrum? This app can help you get hold of your bearings. It will ask you questions about your opinions on certain issues and at the end, it will display where you fall politically. Liberal, conservative, libertarian? Find which ideology most closely aligns with your own.


United States Constitution

Go back and discover the basis of America’s government with this app. It’s a word for word copy of the Constitution. Don’t take the pundits word, read it and decide what the founding fathers wanted for yourself.


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